Chair: Michael Bond, MD, FACEP

Committee members plan educational meetings, annual meeting and other CME activities as needed.  This includes identifying the gap analysis for the CME paperwork.  Committee members review previous evaluation summaries to develop program content, and report to the Board of Directors.  Meetings are set by the Chair and Co-Chair.


Chair: Tim Chizmar, MD, FACEP

It is the mission of the EMS Committee of Maryland ACEP to provide guidance, expertise and suppor tto the Maryland Chapter ACEP Board, leadership and its members. Through the EMS Committee, the Maryland ACEP Board can provide leadership to the decision makers in the EMS Community (local, state and national), and to disseminate information regarding trends and advances in pre-hospital emergency care to emergency physicians throughout Maryland.


Chair: Nicole Cimino-Fiallos, MD

Committee members develop membership initiatives, chapter marketing efforts including social media campaigns, and plan strategy to recruit and maintain chapter membership.  The Committee reports to the Board of Directors.



Chair: Erik P. Schobitz, MD

This committee serves as a resource for Chapter members on issues related to pediatric emergency medicine.  The Committee reports to the Board of Directors.


Chair: Kyle Fischer, MD, FACEP

Treasurer: Yemi Adebayo, MD

The chair and treasurer have fiscal responsibility for financial reporting and distribution of PAC funds.


Chair: Holley Meers, MD, FACEP

This committee serves as a resource for Chapter members on issues related to the practice of Emergency Medicine, such as EMTALA, JCAHO, and Point of Care testing. It is used as a resource for members to obtain information related to managing an ED practice and to disseminate information as necessary or appropriate on issues that affect ED management. Meetings are set by the Chair and are conducted by e-mail, telephone, and/or in person.


Chair: Kyle Fischer, MD

Legislative arm of Maryland Chapter, ACEP. Committee members discuss policy, develop testimony, testify before the State Legislature, and contact state and local legislators. The Committee works directly with our Government Liaison Consultant to review current and proposed legislation. This Committee reports to the Board of Directors and meets quartlerly in-person prior to Board meetings and monthly via conference call on non Board meeting months.